Wooden Carvings by Allan Gale

Allan Gale has been living and carving at Waiotemarama, Hokianga, New Zealand since 1970, the following are his wooden carvings. He is also very well know for his wood engraved prints and cards

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AG1 Fish Ball
AG2 Hokianga Harbour
AG3 Kauri Tree
AG4 Nude
AG5 Nikau
AG6 Falls
AG7 Kauri Saw

Wooden Carvings by Pipi Rutherford

Pipi Rutherford is another wood carver from Waiotemarama been living there since 1970

PR1 Spiral Kauri Spoon
PR2 Small Spoons
PR3 Whale Tail Spoon
PR4 Vine Salad Servers
PR 5 Carving
PR6 Leaf Salad Servers

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